Already in the year 1895, Gustav Wittner founded a precision mechanical factory for the production of Metronomes, which his son Rudolf Wittner expanded one by one to a medium-sized industrial plant.
Soon new standards were established. Besides the Maelzel Metronomes, WITTNER® started producing the "TAKTELL®". These Metronomes under the registered trademark "TAKTELL®" became a term of quality and enjoy a high reputation among the experts of many countries. Thanks to experience and tradition, newest technologies and modern production methods, WITTNER® became the manufacturer with the widest range of Metronomes in the world.
Besides Metronomes WITTNER® manufactures other Musical Accessories (Tuning Forks, String Accessory, Stands etc.) as well as articles for storage and maintenance of Sound- and Data mediums. Since 2005 the third and fourth generation - Horst Wittner & Sabrina Wittner - are running the Company together. The WITTNER® GmbH & Co. KG is worldwide known for the reliability and quality of its products.