V.F.Ceveny is a Czech company which manufactures fine European high quality brass musical instruments (both piston and rotary valves). We take advantage of our skilled work force with a strong tradition and the modern technology needed in manufacturing band instruments. Presently, our distribution of musical instruments are in 57 countries around the world. Cerveny instruments are very well accepted for quality, good intonation and perfect workmanship.
The V.F.Cerveny company was established in 1842 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. It was Cerveny who originally designed the system of Rotary valves for the brass instruments in 1846. The Cerveny rotary valve instruments are top of the rank compared to any other instruments. For additional historical facts, please check the History - Site.
We strive to implement the long tradition of musical instrument production in our products. High quality instruments are guaranteed because of our long experience and fine craftsmanship. Each and every instrument is fully serviced and play tested before being shipped to our customers. Over a period of time we have a long list of satisfied customers from amateurs to professionals around the world.